Lesley Whelan


‘Art is not what you see but what you make others see’

OR Alternative

Cosmopolite 800mm x 800mm

Gutterfurae 700mm x 700mm

Wisteria 1040mm x 850mm

Anthemis 1 900mm x 600mm

Torrecchia 2 600mm x 500mm

Muscari 800mm x 800mm

Sibirica 800mm x 800mm

Travellers Joy 1 600mm x 600mm

Rain and flowers 1 600mm x 600mm

Parella 1040mm x 850mm

Rain and Flowers 2 600mm x 600mm

Rain and Flowers 3 600mm x 600mm

Solstice 900mm x 700mm

Hawthorn 1 550mm x 550mm