Blue Monday?

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What’s this about Blue Monday?

I understand that it’s a bleak time of the year and we are ready for a bit of sunshine but I can’t help thinking that there’s a bit of manipulation going on! Companies cashing in on the prospect of some ‘retail therapy’?

Personally I love blue. It represents both the sky and the sea and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, inspiration and sensitivity. The colour itself represents depth, trust, loyalty and faith. And, as an artist, it’s such a versatile colour to work with blending beautifully with greens and reds to produce a myriad of different nuances. And left to it’s own devices some wonderful shades can be created from sapphires, to teals, to arctic tones and steels.

So my advice is to use this ‘Blue Monday’ to reflect on where you are. Get outside, look at that blue sky (it’s sunny in Coventry today!) and use this beginning as the road to a new destination.

Happy Blue Friday everyone x

(featured image is ‘Cosmos’ – sold a while ago. Please contact me for any commission enquiries)

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